Dysphoric EP


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Recorded at the Atomic Garden by Jack Shirley

Released on cassette by Xerox Records

Dani Canchola / Vocals
Bryan Hannah / Guitar
Ian Hillman / Bass
Sawyer Goodson / Drums


released October 1, 2015



all rights reserved


SICKO Chico, California

Hardcore punk from Chico California

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Track Name: Self-Restraint
The hardest part of being
sober is having to feel everything

You want my soul
and you want my body
but I won't bow down to a god that doesnt't love me
Track Name: Internal/External
So burnt out on being nice
hate and anger, my last vice
sick of all the fake dead smiles
I need something worth the while

Put me in a group another
freak on your shelf,
I'll inflict the pain on you
i'd always saved for myself.
I'm tired of all the reasons you choose to treat me like shit.
I'm a human fucking being
don't you forget it
Track Name: Brand
Your band meant a lot until you got too cool
It should be means of expression
not a tool
you're fake bottom line doesn't feel right
your hype will die but for us it's for life
Track Name: Fake a Smile
You don't always get to choose whose around you
But you do get to choose how you act
I'm tired of brushing it off
I can't fake a smile and laugh
I won't stand idly by an watch misuse our trust
imagine if she was your daughter
my friends aren't your sheep for the slaughter
Track Name: Dysphoric
it's getting harder and harder to look myself in the eye
I start and end each day with the same defeated sigh
I hate the life I live, I've lost the will to try
I deserve to bleed but i clench my fists at my side
I don't know what I am, I'm tired of this, fucked up everyday, living in shit
I don't know what I am
Track Name: Correction
What goes around comes around and what you do i won't forget
so take a minute and think and don't do something you'll regret

What you do is who you are actions speak louder than words
You've lived your life in ignorance but today you're gonna learn
Track Name: User
You hung me up when I believed in you
just to let me down
I gave my time and so much more
but you won't turn your life around

I won't let you do this again
this is the final straw
you've rubbed me the wrong way so many times
my skin is getting raw

Grow up, get better, make a fucking change
there are people who care, stop pushing them away
Track Name: Ahead
So this is the last time I'm looking back
You can spend every day in fear getting nowhere
expecting someone to point you in the right direction

So this is last time I'm looking back
It's so fucking easy to feel hopeless
when you're the only one whose really lost

So this is the last time I'm looking back
at this relentless shadow of self doubt
who else should believe in you but yourself?

So this is the last time I'm looking back
because I can't keep doing this to myself
and I can't keep living this way

Sometimes your only comfort is your own sense of self
don't waste your ambitions searching for wealth

Life is too short to live with regret
Love the people around you before they forget

So this is the last time I'm looking back
and after that, only ahead.