Icko Sicko EP


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Recorded at Get Up and Go Recording Studio by Miles Claibourn

Danny Canchola / Vocals
Bryan Hannah / Guitar
Ian Hillman / Bass
Sawyer Goodson / Drums


released June 12, 2014



all rights reserved


SICKO Chico, California

Hardcore punk from Chico California

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Track Name: Burnt Out
I'm so sick and tired
you beat me down, you break my will
just like a fucking tyrant
it's so hard to just get by
you make me want to die
you think that all I want to do is waste my time working for you

I just need a little room to breath
to restore some sanity
I'm going to take back what's mine
all in due time
but now my goal is clear
this ever growing fear
I must persevere
Track Name: Venom
I've lost touch with reality
I can't remember what I do or see
the memories never seem to last
every day a forgotten past
it's hard to hold my head up high when shoved down in the dirt

Scars on my face from the insanity
but I've escaped what they expect of me
I've lost my mind
toxifying my bloodstream
without it I just want to scream
I cut I bleed I scream I cry
I want to live
I want to die

I've lost touch with myself
and everybody else
stuck in this black hole with no chance of growing old
It's hard to hold my head up high when I have no worth
Track Name: Sally Vengeance
Sally was a good girl
always did what she was told
but she had a few drinks tonight
she's on her own

Johnny was new in town
he liked beer pong with his bros
but he had more than he could handle
he followed her home

When she opened the door
he made his attack
by now he was on top of her
there was no going back

but now...
Johnny's bound down from his head to his toes
mouth sewn shut barely breathes through his nose
she looks in his eyes and asks him why
I guess it doesn't matter now your going to die

She walks away
grabs a real big knife
she whispers in his ear
don't close your eyes
he writhes around and sweats with fear
sorry johnny you've had your last beer

She stabs his heart
she cuts his neck
it's time to teach this fuck respect
no more lurking in the alley
watch out boys don't fuck with sally
Track Name: Rat Race
Isolation sickens me
don't know who I'm supposed to be
calm is a distant memory
and my future is hard to see

Rat race
Not my place

Alienation sickens me
scared of who I'm bound to be
I'm on a path to misery
I'm falling into apathy

of living like this
of clenching my fists
of holding it in
won't let you win
Track Name: Answers
Well I might have the answers if you give me some time
but your constant QnA starts to weigh on my mind
I'll have a bright future according to you
but this is my life, I'll decide what to do

Stop trying to live through
I've only got one life, I'm just a human being
It's not to late to live your life
but I expect the same, let me live mine

Leave me alone
Track Name: Child Of Rage
If you look in my eyes you'll see there's nothing left
I've got blood in my veins but no heart in my chest

Somebody tell me what's wrong with me
so much hate in my eyes that I can't even see
I'm blinded by the rage deep down in my heart
I want mass destruction but I don't know where to start
Track Name: Mental Prison
The jocks, cops and teachers they pick and they prod
They say the way I am is against their god
I can't be myself gotta be someone else
individuality is bad for mental health

I am a prisoner trapped in my own head
if I can't be free then I'd rather be dead

I don't play their sports, my jeans are too tight
the way I am treated is far from alright
but the way I am treated is far from alright
and it gets ignored by the whole school board
because they all agree that I can't be me

You call me a faggot and then kick my ass
you make it a nightmare to just go to class
it's not my fault but it isn't wrong
by the time you learn forgiveness is long gone